7 8 - Tips To Safely Take The Cake While Travelling Long Distance
September 7, 2021
7 7 - Tips To Safely Take The Cake While Travelling Long Distance

Cakes are the most enticing creation of bakers. We might use different ingredients but the outcome is as always amusing. Cakes also have a tendency to win people’s hearts irrespective of what shape or flavour it is. Sometimes we try to bake the cake and sometimes, we prefer online cake orders in Bangalore but for every occasion and feast we bring a cake that satiates every taste bud and people crave for more. Sometimes we are stuck in a situation where we have prepared a beautiful cake for our loved ones and we have to take it to another place. Like they live in some other city and we have to carry the cake there and we want it to reach exactly the way we have prepared. We don’t want it to get ruined in between and therefore, we are here to help you out. It is not easy to carry a cake while travelling, there are certain factors to keep in mind. We know the cake is not just a sweet delicacy but our emotions are also attached to it. Hence, we want it to be safe and secure. Apart from emotions, we have worked to bring them to reality and every inch of our efforts matters the most. So, under this blog, you will learn about some tricks that will guide you and you will be able to carry your cake without ruining it. Scroll down to understand…

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Consider Your Decoration Again

You need to take care of your decoration. You cannot just use cream because there is a chance that it might melt or get stuck at the sides that ruins the cake. But you can use flowers, butterflies that get stuck to the cake and make it look presentable when you take it out. So, when you take it for a long-distance consider your cake decoration because it matters the most.


If Possible Avoid Soft Filling

Think about the filling choice because this will decide how long your cake will survive during transportation. For example, pastry cream filling can ruin the cake but if you use the hard buttercream, it will help the cake to be settled accordingly. So, if you want to avoid the slipping of cake, buttercream works well unlike pastry filling. So, while travelling, consider hard filling or something that doesn’t fall.

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Think About Cake Supports

If you are making a two-tier cake or three-tier cake, it is necessary to support the cake. So, while you are travelling and you don’t want the cake to fall and get mashed up, it would be better if you use the cake supports. The cake support should be of the same size as the cake so that it can help the whole cake to be on the level. The top cake will sit on the support, so it won’t sink in the cake.


Connect The Cakes

As you know while travelling it is quite challenging to take the tier cakes. So, consider connecting the cake with each other. It will make transportation easier. So, take a wooden dowel and insert it onto the top layer of the cake and it will easily go down, connecting all the cakes together. This will ease your work to some extent.

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Arrange A Good Box

If you are taking a small cake or the bigger one, you need to see the box that you are packing in. You might use a cake plate or board to place the cake but you need to arrange a box of that size. Consider the cake plate or board is of 12 inches then the box should be of 12 inches diameter then only the cake will not move and will not get ruined during long transportation.


Arrange A Non-Slip Mat

As you place the cake in the back seat of the car, you need a non-slip mat for that. If it is a slipper, the chances are higher that the call will fall down and you might have worked hard to save it but it will be smashed. So, before you think of travelling, buy a non-slip mat where you can place the cake or cake box and drive safely.

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These are some of the points you need to consider when you think of taking the cake a long distance. You might be a business owner or someone who baked the cake for their loved ones, you should be aware of these things. So, take it into consideration and work accordingly. Keep Baking and Keep Celebrating!




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