Virtual Events
August 31, 2021

As virtual trade shows and exhibitions are becoming more popular, we can perceive these events to hold immense scope in the future. But, to take these events online, it is necessary to select a reliable virtual event platform to make your online event a success. 

Let’s go through 7 best virtual trade show and virtual exhibition platforms;


  • Accelevents

Accelevents is an excellent budgetary choice for event planners looking for an affordable virtual venue. For a reasonable price, you receive superior customer support with a wide spectrum of worthy features.

This events platform has multiple live streaming features, live chat functionality, customizable virtual booths, networking opportunities, live polls, downloadable content, and immense real-time data to gauge the success of the virtual event.

With numerous integrations, such as email marketing, CRM, and social media platforms, this virtual platform is spontaneous enough for its first-time attendee and sufficiently in-depth for the experienced event organizer. The virtual platform provides complete access to API documentation which helps an event organizer to seamlessly scale and develop their solution!


  • Dreamcast
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With an entirely customizable interface and immersive 3D environment, Dreamcast makes promising efforts to make your virtual trade show or exhibition a success. Their extraordinary features like DIY booth builder, signature wall, external plugin integration, AI matchmaking tool, and tech support allow you to impress your attendees and host impactful virtual trade shows. It further helps in providing the most genuine virtual experience to each participant of the virtual event.

With the adoption of the right innovations and methodologies, Dreamcast seamlessly incorporates live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, virtual networking tables, exhibition booths, B2B meetings scheduler, and business card exchange functionality to let the attendees and sponsors interact and make meaningful connections.

Being your one-stop solution, this virtual venue misses no opportunity for any lead conversion. Right from creating an exciting landing page, life-like experience at the lobby, dynamic banners, seamless navigation on the platform, engaging features, to significant data analytics, Dreamcast leaves no stone unturned in making your virtual trade show a success.


  • vFairs
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vFairs is a recognized virtual event platform that is regulated towards hosting remarkable virtual trade shows, exhibitions, job fairs, and a lot more. Its trade show platform offers customizable booths that are intended to resemble actual booths that can help recreate the experiences of on-site events.

Each exhibitor booth includes on-demand content, for example, relevant videos and presentations that can be easily viewed and downloaded by the attendees. Their virtual platform also incorporates different chat functions for participants to communicate with exhibitors on a real-time basis via text, video, or audio. Apart from 1:1 discussion, you can also make the most of group discussion functionality where the exhibitor can connect with multiple attendees at a time. Networking is considered one of the foremost motives why people attend trade shows, therefore such features are very valuable.

In addition, vFairs also involves an e-commerce integration that enables audiences to add products to their cart that they can buy during the event or save for future purchases.


  • Hexafair
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One of the rare tools that have been promoted particularly as a virtual trade show and exhibition platform (although it also hosts several conferences and other virtual events), Hexafair provides many valuable features. The platform introduces feature-packed virtual booths to encourage engagement among the attendees and the exhibitors.

At each exhibitor booth, participants can view essential information about the organization and its products or offerings, along with some images or brochures if the exhibitor chooses to include them. If audiences wish for product presentations, they can watch pre-recorded videos uploaded by exhibitors to their booths or chat with them for further information. 

Besides this, Hexafair consists of a participant record that attendees can utilize as a networking tool to connect with potential leads and view their profiles. One can also use this feature to check who is online, request 1:1 chats, schedule video calls, and exchange business cards. The platform can also include an e-commerce domain, to enable attendees to purchase products during the live online trade show.


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INXPO is another notable virtual event platform that has excelled in hosting great virtual trade shows. With their live-streaming service, INXPO outshines presentation components like keynote and breakout sessions that can be attended by the participants during the event or watched later as on-demand content.

When we talk about their online trade shows, it consists of a virtual booth feature where exhibitors are registered and audiences can visit different booths with a simple click, which comprise a brief description of the organization and some relevant elements like case studies.


To help replicate the experiences of a on-site event, the virtual venue also involves event spaces like lobby and theater to create an impactful impression on the attendees. They also have an option of chat feature where audiences can interact with the booth team if they are online.


  • GTR
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GTR is a distinguished event technology tool whirled to virtual events. Based on their website information, we can perceive that the virtual event platform intends to host memorable virtual trade shows and exhibitions along with webinars and online conferences.


Most of their features are dedicated towards a prosperous trade show and exhibition, like 1:1 and group discussion between the attendees and exhibitors. This gives way for networking and increases the chances of obtaining qualified lead conversion. 


Like other virtual event platforms, GTR’s venue feels and functions are similar to a physical one. The platform also helps in designing custom landing pages for sponsors and exhibitors with their company description and other important information.


  • Communiqué
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Communiqué creates a customizable 3-D environment with easy navigation tools to impress the attendees of a virtual trade show. 

The platform encourages engagement and offers multiple networking opportunities through 1:1 and group chat features. To boost these opportunities, the exhibitors can present high-value content inside their booths to obtain qualified leads or make significant connections.

With strong and scalable hosting, 24*7 dedicated support, various language options, and detailed reporting and analytics, you can notch up the level of your virtual trade shows and exhibitions.

Looking for a trusted virtual venue platform to host your future events?

Book a demo or get in touch with Dreamcast!


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