March 31, 2023


In today’s world, people often wonder how to build wealth and become financially independent. Selma Jusufbegovic is someone who has managed to do just that. She is a successful entrepreneur, influencer, and content creator, and her net worth is continually increasing. In this blog post, we will uncover how Ms. Jusufbegovic built her wealth, what strategies she used, and share some insights that could inspire you in your pursuit of financial success.

How it all Began

Selma Jusufbegovic was born on September 6, 1989, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1992, her family fled due to the Bosnian War and moved to Sweden. From a young age, Selma showed an entrepreneurial mindset, and her parents say that she was always coming up with creative ideas.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Selma’s entrepreneurial spirit began to take shape when she started her first business at the age of 14. She sold electronics to her classmates and quickly realized that she had a talent for sales. Later on, Selma launched a successful jewelry business, which she managed for five years.

Building a Social Media Presence

Selma’s social media presence began to grow when she started posting lifestyle and fashion content on Instagram. It wasn’t long before she had thousands of followers, and brands began to take notice. Selma has collaborated with many companies and has been featured in various media outlets. Her Instagram account now has over 350,000 followers.

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Investing in Real Estate

Selma’s success continued when she started investing in real estate. She began by buying a small apartment and eventually moved her way up to more significant properties, including several commercial properties. In a short time, her real estate investments began to generate substantial cash flow, significantly contributing to her overall wealth.

Managing Money Wisely

One of the things that Selma did well was managing her money wisely. Whenever she had excess cash, she invested it in new businesses or real estate properties. She also prioritized saving for her future, ensuring that she always had a nest egg. Moreover, she committed to staying out of debt and avoided unnecessary expenses.

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Working with a Purpose

Selma always knew that she wanted to make a positive impact on others and have a purpose in her work. She founded her company, The Wings Business Academy, to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Additionally, she has been involved in various charity organizations that promote causes close to her heart.


1. How did Selma Jusufbegovic begin building her wealth?
Selma started her journey by launching her first business at 14 and later on, started a successful jewelry business. She also began investing in real estate and prioritizing financial responsibility.

2. What role did social media play in Selma’s success?
Social media played a crucial role in Selma’s success by allowing her to connect with a broader audience and collaborate with brands, increasing her visibility and income.

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3. How did Selma manage her finances to become financially independent?
Selma managed her finances by investing excess cash into new businesses or real estate properties, prioritizing saving for her future, staying out of debt, and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

4. What makes Selma unique as an entrepreneur?
Selma’s unique quality is that she always knew that she wanted to make a positive impact on others and have a purpose in her work.

5. What types of businesses does Selma invest in?
Selma invests primarily in real estate and new businesses that align with her passions and values.

6. What inspired Selma to create The Wings Business Academy?
Selma created the Wings Business Academy to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and make a positive impact on their communities.

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7. What charities is Selma involved in?
Selma is involved in several charity organizations that promote causes close to her heart, such as animal welfare and children’s education.


Selma Jusufbegovic’s story shows that financial success is possible for anyone with hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks. Her entrepreneurial spirit, social media presence, and wise financial decisions have allowed her to build substantial wealth. We hope that Selma’s journey has inspired you to pursue your passions and take charge of your financial future. Remember, anyone can build wealth with the right mindset and strategies.


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