April 6, 2023


The Chinese market is coveted by many international brands due to its vast and lucrative nature. However, entering this market can be challenging due to the complex regulatory environment and cultural barriers. JD.com, also known as Jingdong, has made significant strides in recent years to support international brands entering the Chinese market through JD Worldwide.


JD.com was founded in 1998 by Richard Liu with the vision of bringing e-commerce to China. Today, JD.com has over 500 million active users.


The Chinese market is enormous and valuable; the country has a population of over 1.4 billion people. It presents a significant opportunity for international brands to expand their reach and reach  new customers.

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That’s where JD Worldwide steps in.


“JD.com has once again raised the standard for integrated e-commerce solutions in China with … JD Worldwide, the most convenient way for Chinese consumers to purchase imported products,” said Liu. “By combining the advantages of China’s cross-border free trade zones, JD’s warehouses and unparalleled last-mile logistics network, and our experience developing winning marketing campaigns for our partners, JD Worldwide gives international sellers and brands the most comprehensive and effective solution available for reaching Chinese consumers.

“Consistent with our overall strategy, we are committed to growing JD Worldwide at a manageable pace to ensure the highest quality products and merchants, the best shopping experience for our customers, and strong sales results for our partners.”

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Benefits of Working With JD.com and JD Worldwide


Working with JD.com and JD Worldwide has many advantages for international brands. JD.com has a massive customer base in China, providing brands with a substantial potential market to access . Additionally, JD.com has a reputation for selling high-quality products, which can help build trust and credibility for brands entering the Chinese market.


For example, ASICS, a Japanese sports equipment company, partnered with JD.com to enter the Chinese market. With JD Worldwide’s help, ASICS has been able to set up a storefront on JD.com and sell its products to Chinese consumers. This has allowed ASICS to build its brand in the country.

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How To Get Started With JD Worldwide

To start with JD Worldwide, brands must register and submit information about their company and products. Once approved, brands can begin setting up their storefront and listing their products on JD.com.


JD.com’s JD Worldwide platform is a game changer for international brands. With the company’s extensive logistics, marketing, and customer service offerings, brands can navigate the complex regulatory environment and cultural barriers of China with ease. Working with JD.com allows brands to tap into the massive Chinese market, which is a significant opportunity for growth. With Richard Liu’s innovative leadership style and commitment to ethical business practices, JD.com is poised to continue its success and help more international brands succeed in China.

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