February 15, 2022

Instagram is not an easy platform to grow in. This would have been false a few years back when there were fewer users. However, with the current status of over a billion users using Instagram every month and people spending over 30 minutes at a time on the social media platform, it is safe to say that Instagram growth has become tremendously difficult.


Thus, if you’re a new brand, business, or company and are looking to grow on Instagram, you cannot grow without following a few tips, tricks, and secrets. In this article, you will know one secret that can boost your follower count on Instagram and help establish a brand identity very quickly. So, keep on reading to find out.

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Growing on Instagram is challenging, especially if you have a new profile. Suppose there are already established profiles in your niche with over 5000 followers. A new audience who comes to your profile is not likely to subscribe because you have a low follower count. Therefore, most people are worried about how to increase Instagram follower count. If you want to grow quickly and establish yourself on social media, you should look into purchasing followers for Instagram. For purchasing followers, you should check out sites like Famoid. Famoid provides authentic followers who are interested in the same age as yours. Therefore, there is a likelihood that such people will interact with your posts more compared to a random audience who stumbles across your post.

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The best part about Famoid is that they also allow you to purchase views on videos and likes for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Thus, you must make use of Famoid to grow quickly on Instagram. But be careful when you are purchasing followers.


Purchase followers from authentic sites. There are a lot of illegitimate sites on the Internet that promise to give you active and real followers, but when you purchase, you only get bots. Instagram has algorithms in place that can detect the bots and remove them. Thus, your follower count will decrease and go back to where you started from.

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According to the IG stats from blogging.org, only purchasing followers is not the answer to your solution. Along with purchasing followers, you must focus on making good quality posts, posting consistently, using trending hashtags, askingasking your followers to use your company hashtags in their profile and posts, and focusing on making posts like the ones already trending.


If you have already been doing these activities, remember your hard work will not go in vain. These methods yield results. However, it would take six months to start showing a difference. You must utilize the six months and post consistently on an everyday basis at a specific time when your followers are most active. These actions will allow Instagram to develop a positive opinion towards you and the content you post. When you post every day, Instagram sees you as a consistent user, and Instagram will further promote your post to a wider audience level. Therefore, you may get more followers from the new audience who comes across your profile and is interested in the same dish.

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Suppose you have a website that sells CBD oil. You can discuss the importance of CBD on Instagram. At the end of your post, you can mention search CBD stocks on social media and provide a link to your website. You should also add the link to your website in your story so that customers can directly click on the link and visit your website if they are further interested.



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